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Will the Flames make the playoffs?





As the SASM League operates primarily in the City of Calgary Arenas, we have to adhere to the City's "Alcohol Consumption - Zero Tolerance Policy".
Because full adherence to this Policy is so crucial to the operation of a Hockey League, we are attaching a full copy of it to our League Policy & Rules of Play for the reference for all teams participating in our League!!
NOTE:  There is no compensation to offending teams for monies paid.


a) That all teams registering with the League shall submit a non refundable deposit, said deposit to be determined yearly, with Team Representatives being notified in writing during the month of July. This deposit will be the first of three installments for the current year's League fees. That this deposit will be received by the League on or before the 31st day of July of the calendar year of the season. The second installment will be due at the September meeting, and will be paid in full. The third installment will be paid on or around December 1st, as determined by the League Secretary.

NOTE: Any team not meeting their financial requirements on or before the deadline, will lose two points from their point standings each game they play while in arrears.

b) That any and all new teams entering the League shall be required to serve a one year probation period, during which time the team and its director will have no voting privileges on issues presented at the fall meeting.

c) That teams returning for their second season, in good standing, shall enjoy full voting privileges.

d) That each team shall designate on their initial application, or in following years, in writing the names, addresses, home and work phone numbers of their two designated representatives.

e) That each team is required to have a least one of these individuals at each League meeting, or to face disciplinary action and a monetary penalty of $25.00 which will be deducted from the established performance bond.

f) The teams will submit a signed team registration form on the form provided with as many signatures as possible. This form is then to be submitted to the league by September 30 of the current season. The final roster of 27 players, plus goaltenders will be decided by the teams no later than December 15th of the current season. It is the responsibility of the team representatives to update their team roster and notify the league office of any additions or deletions of players. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, loss of points will result! Teams may dress the maximum for games provided by the Hockey Canada rules.

Note: WAIVER FORMS : players that were unable to sign the Team Registration Form by the deadline date, MUST sign a Waiver Form before their first game, or be considered an illegal player. The waiver forms can be found on the league website. Failure to comply will result in loss of game points after October 31st, 2013.

g) That no player may take the ice until such time as he has registered with the League by filling out the appropriate documents.

h) Any player not registered with a team (illegal player) found playing on a team after Final Registration deadline will constitute forfeiture of the game (loss of two points), and an additional loss of two points from their total.

i) Any team found playing players, registered or unregistered, under another player's name will be assessed the following:

  • FIRST OFFENCE: loss of two points for that game, loss of an additional two points, and a $50.00 fine.

  • SECOND OFFENCE: loss of two points for that game, loss of an additional two points and a $100.00 fine.

  • THIRD OFFENCE: Expulsion from the League, and that team will not be allowed to return to the League.


j) A player is allowed to play on ONE team only within the league during each season. This will take effect commencing with the first game of the season.


Goaltenders can register with one team only within the league, however, they can be utilized as spares within their own or a higher division.


a) Team Fees

a) Each team shall pay a prescribed fee, based on the ice costs, referees fees and

League operations which will be determined prior to the 15th day of July in the calendar year of the season. That these fees will be paid by cheque.

b) That failure to make payments of prescribed amounts to the League by the due date will result in:

i. Loss of all points from that time until all outstanding fees are paid,

$50.00 handling fee for all N.S.F. or returned cheques.

ii. Not being allowed into the League if it is the first payment.

iii. Will not receive schedule or be permitted to play until outstanding fees are paid.


a) That all teams shall post a bond of $200.00 prior to the start of League play. This bond to be included in the second installment of the League fees.

b) That any and all fines levied during the course of the year shall be deducted from this bond and that teams will be required to bring the bond back up to the $200.00 figure when assessed amounts lower it to a minimum of $100.00.

c) That teams shall be suspended from further League play, with the games listed as a loss, until such times as the bond is paid up to date.

d) That in certain circumstances, the League shall be empowered to require a performance bond be posted by an individual or a team, or both.

e) That the amount of the bond will not exceed $500.00, and if the requirements of the League are met, the bond will be refunded at the close of the season.

a) That in the event of a protest, a protest bond in the amount of $50.00 in cash will be required from the protesting team. The League must be notified of the impending protest within 24 hours of the incident and the protest in writing along with the $50.00 cash bond must be received by the League within 48 hours.

b) If the protest is declared valid, the protestor shall recover his $50.00 bond. If the protest is declared invalid, the protester shall forfeit his $50.00 bond.


a) Teams forfeiting a game will face the following penalties:

i. First offence will result in a $150.00 fine, which will be added to the bond of the team that the forfeit was against. The fine will be in cash, paid to the League for deposit to the bond of the non offending team.

ii. Second Offence will again be a $150.00 fine deposited into the non offending team's bond.

iii. Third offence is league expulsion and the team will not return to the league.

iv. If a team cancels a game within 48 hours of the game time, the team will be assessed a $100.00 fine -- $50.00 to the opponent and $50.00 to the league.
v. If a team cancels a game prior to 48 hours, a $50.00 fine will be imposed.


a) First fight, ejection from the game, a $25 fine and twenty five minutes.

NOTE: If a fight number one occurs in the last 10 minutes of the game - a one game suspension will be assessed.

b) Second fight, ejection from the game, a $25 fine, a 3 game suspension and fifteen minutes.

c) Third fight, ejection from the game, a $25 fine and a one year League Suspension.

Major Penalties For All Other Infractions Other Than Fighting.

a) First offence, ejection from the game, a $25 fine, no suspension and 15 minutes.

b) Second offence, ejection from the game, a $25 fine and a two game suspension and 15 minutes.

c) Third offence, ejection from the game, a $25 fine and a one year League suspension. (Depending on the severity of the infraction, the offending player may be suspended indefinitely for any of the above actions).


Note: Any player who takes two major penalties at the same stoppage, in addition to other fines and suspensions will also incur a further one game suspension.


a) Ten Minute Misconducts

i. The first ten minute misconduct will result in ten minutes assessed toward the individuals total. If the misconduct occurs within the last 5 minutes of the game, the player will serve the full misconduct the NEXT GAME HE PLAYS

ii. The second minute misconducts will result in a $10 fine and ten minutes assessed toward the individuals total.
iii. The THIRD ten minute misconduct will result in a $20.00 fine, a one game suspension and 10 minutes assessed toward the individuals total.
iv. The FOURTH Ten minute misconduct will result in a $30.00 fine, a two game suspension and ten minutes assessed to the players total. 

v. The FIFTH Misconduct  will result in suspension from the league for the balance of the season.

b) Game Misconducts

i. First incident, other than a mandatory game misconduct associated to a fight or other major penalty, $10 fine, no suspension, 10 minutes.

ii. Second incident, $20.00 fine, one game suspension, 10 minutes.

iii. Third incident, $30 fine, 2 game suspension, 15 minutes.

iv. Fourth and subsequent incidents, $25 fine and suspension for the balance of the season.

Note: Any player who draws a Ten Minute Misconduct and further Game Misconduct for continued verbal abuse of officials will be assessed A Gross Misconduct penalty for making a travesty of the Game!!!

Gross Misconducts

a) First offense, $25 fine, 2 game suspensions, 20 minutes.

b) Second offense, $35 fine, and suspension from the League for one year.

Match Penalties

a) First offense, $50 fine, minimum 3 game suspension and 30 minutes.

b) Second offense, $75 fine, indefinite suspension with no right to interim play.

c) Match Penalties on Officials: will be reviewed individually and offenders are subject to League expulsion, depending on circumstances.
NOTE:   Any player receiving  major penalty for an intentional hit to an opponents head will have the penalty upgraded to a Match.

Accumulation of Penalties

a) Any 4 penalties acquired in one game will result in ejection from that game:

i. First offense - no suspension
ii. Second offense - 1 game suspension
iii. Third offense - 2 game suspension
iv. Fourth offense - suspension for the balance of the season
NOTE: The Executive of the SASM Hockey League reserves the right to remove any team or player from further competition for inappropriate conduct, behavior or practices that would negatively affect the reputation of the League in providing a safe and competitive environment for all other participants and League staff.

Accumulation of Penalty Minutes

a) Any player accumulating a total of 45 minutes in penalties for 5 minute majors and up during one year is automatically suspended from the League for the balance of the season. Should the player wish to return to the League, he could be required to appear before the executive and post a bond of no less than $250.00

b) Player stats will be kept on penalty accumulation and any player reaching 75 Penalty Minutes (all penalty categories) will receive a One Game Suspension! Any player who then reaches a total of 100 Penalty Minutes (all penalty categories) will be suspended from the League! As described in a) he will also be required to post a $250.00 bond should he wish to return.
c) All penalty accumulation suspensions carry over into the Playoffs.


a) 1 fight 15 minutes 5 for fight 10 for game

2 - 10 minute misconducts 20 minutes

1 high stick major 15 minutes 5 for high stick 10 for game

TOTAL 50 minutes


1 gross misconduct

1 match penalty


20 minutes

30 minutes

50 minutes


25 minor penalties

1 Misconduct

1 Fight Major & Game Misconduct

50 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes

75 Minutes - 1 Game Suspension

A further 10 minor penalties 1 Misconduct

20 minutes

10 minutes

A further 30 minutes

75 minutes


105 minutes

Suspension from League


Rules of Play

a) Teams must have a minimum of 6 players ready to start the game no later than 4 minutes after Permit time. If the team does not have the required amount of players, the game will be defaulted and the applicable penalties for default will be assessed. The teams may use the ice for an exhibition game but any penalties assessed in this game will be recorded and any suspensions will apply!!! The game sheet will be labeled "DEFAULT" with

a 1 - 0 score against the offending team. If the decision is made to play this exhibition game, the referees will stay and officiate it.

NOTE: SHORT PLAYERS: When a team is short players (6 skaters or less) and COINCIDENTAL minor penalties are called, the team short players can play short handed to a minimum of 3 skaters before the game is forfeited.

NOTE: As per the CAHA rules, a team can compete without a goaltender and with six skaters. If this happens, NO SLAPSHOTS WILL BE ALLOWED BY EITHER TEAM!!! Any player using a slap shot will be assessed a minor penalty. ALL GOALS AGAINST THE TEAM WITH NO GOALTENDER, WILL BE SCORED INSIDE THE ATTACKING BLUE LINE.


The game is over after there is a ten goal spread,  no further goals will be recorded. Upon agreement of both teams, The game will continue in normal stop time to the end of the game permit.The referees & timekeeper will complete the game.

NOTE: There will be no agreements made between teams not to play a game in order for one team to avoid a game default. Score sheets will be filled out with the names of all players present being recorded. When teams agree not to play a game because of a special even (Super Bowl etc.), NO POINTS WILL BE GIVEN TO EITHER TEAM!!!!!

b) The home team will supply the scoresheet, which is to be filled out and given to the visiting team 10 minutes prior to the start of the permit. The home team also supplies the game pucks.

NOTE: Delay of Game penalties will be assessed for scoresheets that are late! Scoresheets must have all the names of players that are, and WILL be participating in the game. Players that were on the ice at the start of the game and were inadvertently missed will be allowed to be added. At the conclusion of the 2nd period, the Timekeeper will ascertain that the numberof players on the bench corresponds with the number of players listed on the game sheet. Any players listed on the game sheet that are not present will be removed by the Timekeeper.

c) No player will be allowed to start the game after the puck has been dropped for the start of the 3rd period, regardless of whether or not he was on the scoresheet, unless he was on the bench ready to play at the start of the 3rd period. NOTE: This proceedure will not apply to a missing goaltender who may enter the game any time after his arrival.

d) Any player caught participating or playing in a game while under suspension, shall have his suspension doubled and his team will default any games that he has participated in and the team will also be subject to a fine and disciplinary action.

e) Suspended players must be listed in the penalty columns on all game sheets prior to the commencement of the game. Timekeepers will ensure this is done.

f) Teams are responsible for the sitting out of their player suspensions.  If a player or team Rep is unsure of whether a suspension is in force, the Team Rep is advised to contact the League Office.

g) NO BODY CHECKING hockey will be played. This is determined by the Hockey Canada Rule Book, and will be a referees judgment call.

h) Slapshots are allowed in the League for anything other than an Old Timers Division.

i) When coincidental minor penalties are imposed against players on each team, immediate substitution shall be made for an equal number of minor penalties.

j) Offsides: If an attacking player(s) precedes the puck into the offensive zone or the play is offside and the attacking team does not have control of the puck, the linesman may signal a delayed offside. The attacking team will clear the zone by making skate contact with the blue line.

k) The centre red line will be removed for the purposes of the two line off side pass.

l) When a penalty is called, the ensuing face off will be taken in that teams defending zone. In the case of multiple penalties the team receiving more penalties than the other will have the ensuing face off in their defending zone.  When equal penalties are called to both teams the ensuing face off will occur in the zone where play was stopped.


a) Teams will be equipped with at least ONE COMPLETE SET OF MATCHING SWEATERS. (The base colour will be the same!!!) Players not having the same colored sweater will not be allowed to play. (Goalies are excluded). THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!! No one, not the referees, timekeepers or other teams can or will make the decision to agree to different colours of sweaters being used. (NOTE: LEAGUE PREFERENCE IS FOR ALL TEAMS TO HAVE TWO SETS OF MATCHING SWEATERS  ( HOME AND AWAY.)

b) The sweaters shall be permanently numbered and no 2 players shall have the same number. NOTE: The continuous use of TAPE to number sweaters will not be tolerated!

c) The Captain and Assistant Captains will be clearly designated on the sweaters.

d) If possible, players shall wear the same number for each game.

e) As a rule the home team, when possible, will wear the lighter colored jerseys.


Games will be 1 ¼ hours in duration, played as follows:

First period 15 minutes stop time. Second period 15 minutes stop time.

Third period 15 minutes stop time, or remaining time, not to exceed the 15 minutes.

To facilitate getting the three 15 minute stop time periods in the 1 1/4 hour permit, we are dropping the warm up from 5 minutes to 3 minute running clock warm up, after which time the officials will start the game. The break between periods will be 1 minute or less in duration.

NOTE 1) The clock will run during altercations or fights and we will utilize the "quick" line change and face off process. TEAM SPOKESMEN WILL ENSURE THEIR PLAYERS ARE AWARE OF THESE PROCEDURES!!


The game will be declared completed when the permit time elapses.  When there is 5 minutes left on the permit, the referee will be signaled by the timekeeper and the clock will be reset to 2 minutes.  

NOTE 3:   In the event of Arena/Ice issues that interfere with the completion of a game. it will be considered complete if two periods have been played.  If the game is called before completion of period two, the remainder of that game will be rescheduled at a later date.

The game will be declared completed when the permit time elapses. When there is 5 minutes left on the permit, the referee will be signaled by the timekeeper and the clock will be reset to 2 minutes


a) Players who have properly registered and carded with the League in accordance with Article #3, must play a minimum of 10 games total before Playoffs to be eligible for the Playoffs. Goaltenders listed on the team's final Registration Form, will be eligible for Playoffs. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. NOTE: Teams wanting to use a goaltender from the League's spare goaltender list must get approval from the League office prior to using him/her in a Playoff game.

b) When a player is questioned as to his identity by either other players, referees, or the timekeepers, he will be required to produce Photo I.D. to the timekeepers and the referees. If he is unable to do so, he will not participate in that game. HE WILL ALSO NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE PLAYERS BENCH.

c) All requests for player identification must be done during game play ONLY. No request shall be honoured if the final buzzer for the game has gone.

Note 1: Players are allowed to go to their dressing room to get their Photo I.D., but play continues. At the first stoppage of play, the I.D. can be checked. If a player cannot, or refuses to produce Photo I.D. at the time it is requested, he will be required to sign the back of the game sheet before leaving the game. Refusing to sign will deem him an illegal player and the points will be awarded to the opposing team.

Note 2: When a player's identity is questioned, it is the responsibility of his team to assist in getting him properly identified (verbal affirmation of player's identity by any person on the team WILL NOT be accepted). Failure to do so or any attempt to disrupt this process, i.e. players failure to leave the ice, the game will be suspended by the officials and points awarded to the opposing team.

Note 3: When and if the points are awarded to the opposing team, all goals and assists for the offending team will be nullified.

Note 4: If the player that has been questioned as to his identity has been confirmed as illegal or was unable to produce I.D. and has signed the back of the scoresheet and has left the playing surface, all goals that he has been a part of, whether he scored them or assisted in them shall be nullified. Play shall continue from that point with the new adjusted score.

Note 5: Only reasonable requests for photo I.D. will be completed by officials. IE: Requests for numerous players' I.D.'s will not be tolerated and will result in delay of game penalties.


Playoff format will differ from year to year depending on the physical makeup of the League and the existing structure.

Examples of Playoffs:

a) Double Knockout Tournament;

b) Two game total point;

c) Best of three series;

d) Best of five series;

e) Round Robin Tournament.

"Home" team will be determined by highest finish in League play. In 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 series, highest finishing team will be home team first and it will alternate thereafter. In Round Robin Double Knockout Tournament, home team will always be the highest finishing team. (i.e.- 5 vs 6 - 5 will be home, etc.) In the"if necessary" games, the home team will alternate.

The format for the individual calendar year will be announced at the League Meeting in December of the current year.
NOTE:  Where additional time is available in Playoff Games, the clock will not drop with 2 minutes remaining.

Note: Ineligible players for the playoffs can serve as team coaches, managers, etc. to a maximum of three. They will be listed on the score sheet and are subject to team penalties for any misconducts.Suspended players are not allowed on the bench.

Overtime in playoff games will be a 6 minute stop time period "Sudden Victory" followed by a shootout. Referees will implement the quick face off rule to assist in keeping the game within the ice permit time. Teams will play 5 on 5 in this overtime period with penalties carrying over from regular time.

Note: In shootout, the total number of players shooting on each team will be equal to the team that has the least players. Before the process begins, the team with the most players will designate those not shooting and will inform the Timekeeper of their numbers. The home team will decide which team shoots first.

In Division play, teams that are tied for Playoffs seating positions, the ties will be broken as follows:

Win, loss, tie record. Record against each other. Goals for.

Goals against.

Awards will be given for individual achievement as well as for League/Division Champions. As decided in the 2018/19 Season,  
 individual awards will be as follows:
             i. Each Division Top Scorer, 

ii. Each Division Top Goaltender

Note:  Goaltenders must have played in a minimum of 16 games to be eligible for awards.

             Players must have played a minimum of 20 games to be eligible for awards.

 Note:   Awards will be presented to players during the Playoffs.
Note: The Championship Teams in each Division will be awarded a Championship Trophy as well as a Cash Award. The amount based on available funds for each season.

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